This is a story born from the heart…

Many years of friendship, passion for fashion, and the discovery of new cultures inspired Anny & Giha to create Sonqo Deluxe in 2019. Anny lives in Mexico and Giha in Peru, so they decided to take that rich blend of cultures to define the core concept of the brand. 

They met while working together in the online advertising industry in Peru, then Giha moved to New York, and while she was studying in Fashion Institute of Technology and collaborating with fashion magazines, Anny was working on her fashion blog and creating content for well-known fashion and beauty brands. 

Their passion for fashion led them to create a style blog together and share numberless fashion adventures. Together, they attended runway shows in Lima and fashion capitals of the world like New York, Paris, London, Milan and Berlin. While living in different countries, they decided to meet up every year in New York to attend the runway shows and backstages during Fashion Week. 

Sonqo Deluxe was born as a result of their enormous passion for fashion and the desire to create a luxury brand that takes advantage of their experience in the industry.

The meaning

Sonqo means “heart” in quechua, one of the Peruvian native languages. For us, Sonqo means that the greatest luxury we could have is having a good heart. It also means a deep feeling of love for our communities, care for the environment, the planet, and nature.  It stands for our passion for fashion, culture, ancient traditions and handcrafting; but, above all, Sonqo symbolizes the love for building a sustainable and fairer world.


Our design stands out for contemporary details, which creates a unique balance between classic and innovative, a key element to enrich any style. We desire to surprise and delight you, and that our pieces accompany you for many years to come. That’s why we pay attention to the smallest details of our pieces which are created with great love and care.

Each production stage is painstakingly checked to ensure something uniquely luxurious. We carefully selected the highest quality materials, such as the finest Peruvian alpaca fiber, combined with traditional techniques of knitting and hand embroidery. First and foremost, our commitment is always to offer you the best in the most responsible manner, in line with the essence of Sonqo.

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